Life Sciences


Life Science Translation Services


With the rising popularity of medical tourism and other facets of international medicine, life science translation services are in growing demand. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the translation projects BiroTranslations tackles fall under the medical and/or pharmaceutical categories.


Over the past eighteen years, we have provided medical translations to a multitude of clients across various fields of the life sciences.


• Medical device manuals
• Inhalation aid manuals
• Summaries of pharmaceutical product characteristics
• Clinical trials and studies
• In-Vitro diagnostics
• Magnetic resonance tomography
• Mammography
• Anesthesia equipment manuals
• Medical suction equipment manuals
• Oxygen therapy equipment guides
• Artificial breathing apparatus manuals
• Defibrillator information
• Incubators
• Hearing aids
• Other equipment


If your medical/pharmaceutical company or corporation is intent on penetrating in East European markets, we’re here to help make it happen. With high-quality translation services, timely results and stringent standards, we’d like you to join the ranks of our satisfied life science clients.


For a more detailed and complete list of references, please contact us via e-mail or give us a call at: + 386 590 43 557




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