Professional translation should best be done by highly qualified translators. Technology is changing fast, and so is the terminology used in documents. Professional translators must constantly stay up to date to meet the highest linguistic standards. Our pool of specialist translators are able to undertake translations in the life science, legal, automotive and IT fields –  to name just a few. Below is a short overview of the industries we cover, but this is by no means an exhaustive list of the subject areas we cover.

All our projects are done in accordance with stringent quality assurance procedures, and we provide customized services to specific industries, tailored to the client’s needs. Please contact us for more information.


Life Sciences

With the rising popularity of medical tourism and other facets of international medicine, life science translation services are in growing demand. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the translation projects birotranslations tackles fall under the medical and/or pharmaceutical categories.

Over the past eighteen years, we have provided medical translations to a multitude of clients across various fields of the life sciences.

Medical device manuals   I    Inhalation aid manuals   I    Summaries of pharmaceutical product characteristics   I    Clinical trials and studies   I    In-Vitro diagnostics   I    Magnetic resonance tomography   I    Mammography   I    Anesthesia equipment manuals   I    Medical suction equipment manuals   I    Oxygen therapy equipment guides   I    Artificial breathing apparatus manuals   I    Defibrillator information   I    Incubators   I    Hearing aids   I    Other equipment

No matter whom you are, where you are, or what you have to say, birotranslations is there to help share your message with the world. Come and join other successful companies. Contact us today to start taking advantage of benefits and incentives you won’t find anywhere else.


The automotive industry is fraught with documents in need of expert translation to expand into the international marketplace. These projects and accounts span the globe and cover a diverse array of topics.

Over the past 19 years, our stellar team of translators has worked to translate:

Buyer satisfaction questionnaires   I   Tractor user manuals   I    Crane operation manuals   I    Automobile service manuals   I    Maintenance manuals   I    End user questionnaires   I    Auto marketing materials   I    Sales & Leasing contracts

With the aid of our six-step translation and localization process, our project managers, translators, editors, graphic designers and industry-specific experts team up to deliver accurate, high-quality translations on-time and within budget.

No matter whom you are, where you are, or what you have to say, birotranslations is there to help share your message with the world. Come and join other successful companies. Contact us today to start taking advantage of benefits and incentives you won’t find anywhere else.

IT and telecommunications

IT and Telecommunications are both highly technical industries that can place huge demands on a translation team. With a lot of jargon, high-tech terminology and the need to convey critical details in incredibly different regions, smart companies simply can’t afford to cut corners.

As a team of global translators with a great deal of industry-specific experience, we at birotranslations are uniquely situated to offer IT and Telecommunications companies the kid-glove treatment. We already have a proven background of localizing a large number of telecom products into all Eastern European languages.

Ultimately, our translation services have worked to transform telecom product manuals, guides and instructions into user-friendly documents and translations that meet specific local needs and directives.

In the recent past, we’ve created translations for a host of IT and telephony products, including:

Mobile phone user manuals   I   Software user guides   I   Printing device manuals   I   GPS guides and instructions   I   Internet & IT solutions

Our team of translators, editors, graphic designers, project managers and IT industry experts are ready to welcome you into our ranks of more than 700+ satisfied clients.


Technical documents and translations can cover an awful lot of territory. They’ve also earned the reputation of being full of translation errors that can make assembly and following instructions next to impossible.

At birotranslations, we’ve made it our mission to rewrite the rules of technical translations with an eye towards accuracy and excellence. With birotranslations, you no longer have to worry about error-ridden translations. Our standards and expectations are so high that only the best quality translators can make the cut.

Our dedicated team of translators, editors, graphic designers, project managers and industry specialists are ready and willing to produce:

DVD manuals   I   MP3 and MP4 user guides   I   GPS device directions   I   Car radio user manuals   I   Video camera instructions   I   Home theatre system manuals   I   Heavy machinery manuals   I   Transmitter technical guides   I   Printing device directions

Come and join the ranks of our other high-caliber companies, corporations and organization in need of top-notch technical translations and services. Contact us today.


Our clients regularly solicit our services to translate a host of different legal documents and law-related projects. Specific examples of these assignments include documents like:

Employment contracts   I   Sales contracts   I   Lease agreements   I   Terms & Conditions   I   Other “small print” content

Regardless of the specifics of your legal translation needs, our talented team of translators is up to the task, with firsthand industry experience you can rely on.

When accuracy and speed are indispensable, then so are we. At birotranslations, our dedication to excellence is at your service. Why not join the ranks of our other satisfied clients.

Finance and Insurance

Undoubtedly, economic conditions and regulations have changed and the world of finance, funds and insurance has felt this impact the hardest. Sometimes, you need industry-specific translation services. If you’re in the financial or insurance sectors, there may come a time when you need expert translation or localization services in one or more areas.

Annual reports   I   Balance sheets   I   Bookkeeping terminology   I    Consolidated reports   I   Financial reports   I   Funds   I   Insurance policies   I   Marketing materials   I   Media releases 

For those of you in need of these services, you can turn to birotranslations like so many other companies have before you. Join regional and international companies in your quest to reach new markets and excel in your industry.

Consumer products

Global competition is becoming increasingly though. Markets are more fragmented than ever. Manufacturers of consumer products and retail brands need to adapt to new challenges and be always ahead of their competitors. To reach international target markets, they must be able to embrace cultural as well as linguistic differences. This can be achieved by translating product documentation including brochures, instructions, packaging and marketing materials.
birotranslations has full coverage for the industries of food and beverage, fashion wear, cosmetics and personal care, consumer electronics and home office products.

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