Learn about the opportunities that may lie ahead at birotranslations.

We try to combine our knowledge of languages, technologies and project management to help our customers expand their products to international markets.
We offer several different job titles that fit different skill sets, educational backgrounds and levels of experience.

We value and respect our employees; no matter what your area of expertise, we believe you can make a difference and influence the company’s success.
Not only do we offer a competitive salary and compensation package, but we also provide training for your position, a friendly working environment and opportunities for professional growth.

Become Our Partner
Because birotranslations is gaining ground in the global full-service translation industry, we make it a point to regularly increase our talent pool of qualified linguists. This includes both individual translators and entire translation agencies. However, because we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality translation and localization services, it’s imperative that our potential partners have a thorough understanding of our procedures that must be followed at all times.
Before submitting your CV and cover letter, please carefully review the following criteria to insure that your skills and experience line up with our stringent standards and minimal requirements:

• You must have a minimum of three years’ professional experience as a freelance translator, editing experience, proofreading skills, and a working knowledge of quality assurance procedures.
• You must have a minimum of two years’ experience translating for a specialized field or industry.
• You must have the ability to write creatively and competently.
• You must be able to communicate fluently in English.
• You must have a proven history of following clients’ instructions down to the smallest details.
• You must have the ability to meet the demands of translation delivery deadlines.
• You must meet the highest professional standards.
• You must be dedicated to offering an excellent quality of service.
• Our potential translators require an advanced knowledge of computers and necessary supporting software and hardware.

If you can meet these professional standards, birotranslations welcomes your CV submissions and encourages you to pursue collaboration with our creative team.
Please be aware that our human resources department dedicates a great deal of time each day reviewing applicant information to determine which candidates make the best potential partners. Therefore, we appreciate your patience.

We currently do not have any vacancies. However, if you feel that you would be a good fit for our company, please send your CV to matic.berginc@birotranslations.com