What ever the linguistic service you need to reach East European markets, you have come to the right place. birotranslations offers a broad range of linguistic services for a variety of industries. Through our stringent QA processes, we have been hand-picking resources for more than 20 years, so we can provide you the best that the market has to offer. So, if you need translations into East European languages, localization services, review, proofreading, subtitling into East European languages or DTP services, we are here for you. You just need to reach out to us, and we will take care of the rest.


High quality translation begins with exemplary translators. Because we pride ourselves on the highest quality translation services, we've made it our mission to employ only the brightest and best translation staff.

In addition to our six-step translation process that insures the utmost in quality assurance and satisfaction, we go further by placing challenging demands upon our translation staff. Translators are expected to invest in their own education and the expansion of their technical knowledge. Furthermore, they are expected to know a minimum of two languages with fluent ease, have strong creative writing skills, a comprehensive grasp of the grammar of the languages they’ll be working with, as well as specialized knowledge of specific industries and fields.

At birotranslations, translators always translate into their own native language within a particular field of industry. As part of our Quality Assurance processes, all our translations are revised by senior translators (as per ISO17100 standard requirements).


Localization differs from mere translation in subtle but critical ways. Essentially, localization means that you take and adapt the final product to precisely align with a defined cultural milieu. This exceeds the benefits of just translating text by allowing you to go a step further, creating editions and end-products that have been expressly customized to meet the needs and unique requirements of local customers and markets within markets.

When we localize text, we not only translate it into a particular language or dialect, we also adapt it to meet the demands of the particular political and/or geographic environment. This means that small details like time zones, date formatting, currency conversions, holidays, and other key aspects have been taken into account and the end-user knows that your content and information was tailored exclusively for them.
Ultimately, this yields higher conversions, satisfaction, and a better overall experience that turns a one-time purchase into a lifetime loyal customer.

Editing and proofreading

While our talented team of translators strive to create accurate, error-free translations the first time, we work diligently to insure that each and every word of text is an example of excellence. To accomplish this, we've devised a stringent linguistic review and proofreading process that insures 100% quality assurance.

Our editing and proofreading process not only insures accuracy, but stylistic and grammatical correctness. In addition to the labors of consistency already performed by CAT technology, we provide the following editing and proofreading services to every client.

Stylistic and linguistic editing and correction of translations of texts

Semantic correction, where experts in specialized fields and industries provide terminological corrections.

Proofing before printing. In a final effort to insure 100% satisfaction, we do one final in-depth review before documents are printed or submitted to clients.


Globally, people take entertainment very seriously. That’s why we work so tirelessly to offer subtitling services that translate and localize scripts to regional markets, spanning multiple outlets, including television, DVDs, video and even the Internet.

Each year, our team of talented translators and interpreters successfully subtitle an estimated 4,000 hours of programming, ranging from films, series, documentaries, DVD’s, etc.

Our subtitling services are available in each of the following formats:

STL   I   PAC   I   NTSC   I   PAL

Moreover, at your request, we are more than happy to deliver the file in the desired format specifically for you and code-protected to prevent any unauthorized access or usage.

DTP Services

As part of our six-step translation process, our Desktop Publishing services allow you to maximize your translation and localization projects for the specific needs of your market. Our comprehensive DTP services provide output in multiple file formats including FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress, and more.

Once translated (and edited), it is then sent to our talented team of graphic designers for processing. Once they’ve worked their magic, the files are again sent to our translation team for final editing and proofreading to insure that there are no corrupted letters or gaps in the text due to import errors, etc.

Only after perfection has been confirmed are the files sent to the Project Manager for final approval and printing.


The following languages fall under the East European languages:

Albanian   I   Belarusian   I   Bulgarian   I   Bosnian   I   Croatian   I   Czech   I   Estonian   I   Hungarian   I   Latvian   I   Lithuanian   I   Macedonian   I   Montenegrin   I   Polish   I   Romanian   I   Russian   I   Serbian   I   Slovak   I   Slovene   I   Turkish   I   Ukrainian

The above languages are the ones that we specialize in, however we can provide other languages upon request as well. Please contact us if you need any languages other than stated above.

Do you need more information? Please contact us via email, instant chat at the bottom of the page or via contact form