It’s one thing to promise clients quality assurance. It’s quite another to actually deliver on that promise. At birotranslations, we’ve made quality and client satisfaction the cornerstones of our company. To this end, every single one of our employees is wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering excellence across the board in an individual and corporate-wide commitment to the highest and most stringent translation standards. In this professional quest, we follow modern trends and  operate at 100% compliance to the ISO9001 and ISO17100 translation quality standards.

Our quality scores and ratings aren’t just the result of our combined years of experience. Our quality success also stems from the meticulous and conscientious work ethic we diligently maintain. At birotranslations, quality assurance isn’t just a “buzz word,” it’s the basis of our business. Thanks to our state-of-the-art standards and stringent processes and procedures, we never cease to enhance our expertise and perfect our professional prowess.

Quality System

To deliver on our promises of quality, we at birotranslations have developed a robust system of translation quality assurance and management, compliant with the ISO9001 standard and based on seven key points of quality checks and balances:

the selection of approved translators who match the project's specifics
workflows that ensure every translation is checked by at least one more linguistic specialist with the same qualifications
the utilization of translation tools for translation consistency, recycling, checking and reporting
a project management system, developed by our in-house team, to help our staff manage and track your projects
continuing professional development
planning and measurement
customer satisfaction


Translation Technology

We make the most of  computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, the software that allows us to save you time and money – two commodities that are always in short supply.

Computer-assisted translation pays off right at the outset, but there are also long-term benefits you can take advantage of. Next time you order a similar translation, we’ll only charge you for the parts that aren't already in our translation memory, once again saving you time and money.

We use the most popular CAT tools, such as SDL Trados, memoQ, Across and Memsource, but we can easily accommodate our client's wishes. Modern translation technology also makes editing easier as it ensures that our glossaries and previously translated content are being consistently applied to newly translated documents. Checks are done using ApSIC Xbench, SDL Trados QA Checker and memoQ QA.


Translators' Qualifications

We hand-pick our vendors. Nowadays, it is easy to find translators through different online translation marketplaces and to claim to have 5,000 or even more translators in one’s database. Our approach is different. We set strict criteria for translators, and we stick to them. If vendors fail to meet these requirements, they do not join our team of approved translators. This is the only way we can guarantee you the quality that you, as a client, deserve.

To become members of birotranslations' pool of approved vendors, translators must meet the following criteria, which are in line with the international translation standard ISO 17100:

A native speaker of the target language
A degree in translation/linguistics studies or in one of our translation expertise areas (life science, legal, etc.)
Specialization in one or two areas of expertise
At least 5 years’ experience in translation
Having passed a translation test reviewed by one of our senior translators
Receiving ongoing good feedback from our other approved linguists throughout the translator’s cooperation with birotranslations


Translation Process

The translation and localization process at birotranslations begins and ends with YOU: the customer. Although our project managers are there to guide the process at every single point, we strongly feel that the process should be bidirectional: You give us guidance, and we turn it into success.

While every project is unique, over the years we’ve developed a customized system that ensures the quality of every translation. In essence, we’ve devised a process that applies rigorous standards to each project to ensure the excellence of the final product. After all, it’s only through diligence and attention to the smallest details that superior service can be provided. This process generally covers eleven comprehensive steps.



    You send us documents to be translated.


    We analyse and prepare the documents.


    The project manager selects a team of linguists.


    Professional translators create a draft translation.


    The translator checks the draft translation and finalizes it.


    A reviser compares the source and target texts and makes all necessary corrections.


    Our in-house team performs additional quality checks.


    We perform DTP, as appropriate, and proofread the documents.


    When the documents are translated, revised and finalized, we deliver them to you.


    We always like to receive feedback from you, so we can provide even better service next time.


    We update our translation memories, glossaries and general instructions (as appropriate), so next time we can reuse our resources and save you time and money.

Project Management System

Having a project management system in place is of paramount importance for any professional translation company that aims to be in control of all its processes. All translation companies develop their own processes, so there is no commercially available system to meet their specific needs. Therefore, we have developed our own project management system that is designed and regularly updated to meet our specific needs. That way we can meet your requirements and reduce the cost and administration of translation processes, passing the savings on to you.

Thanks to our own proprietary project management system, our project managers are in control of every step of the translation process. They can set up teams of translators, editors and other specialists from our pool of approved translators. That way your projects can be done with the best resources available on the market. The resources are regularly evaluated, and the system keeps track of the evaluations, so we can use only vendors who consistently receive excellent reviews. Our project managers can keep track of deadlines and communicate with linguists through our portal, so we have all project information saved in one place.

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